There is an email that goes around occasionally that reminds us of the blessings that we have when we have a long list of things to do. This includes the laundry. As we're complaining about it, we should stop to consider what a blessing it is to own clothing that needs to be laundered. Not only does this pile represent the fact that I have sufficient clothing to keep me warm, but it also means that it's dirty because I was able to wear it somewhere to do something. These clothes attended church, enjoyed dinner with friends, enjoyed a wrestling dual, kept me warm at work and even when I walked the dogs. They covered me as I slept in my own bed next to my husband, and covered me as I ate a meal with my family. They are clean here, waiting for my attention because they were laundered in a washer and dryer that I own, with hot water and detergent. Not everyone can count these blessings.

So the next time we complain about "doing the laundry" my prayer is that we'll stop and realize what the laundry has done for us.