I hate to be cold... but I always am.  I consider it punishment for making fun of my mom for so many years.  Ever since I can remember, my mother was cold.  She used to argue with my dad about the temperature of the car... stand over the heating vents in my house and sneak up behind my kids to put her cold hands on the back of their necks.   Now... I'm doing the same thing.  I can't help it if my internal thermostat doesn't work right.  Every day I wear a full set of thermal underwear to work... and I work in an office!  The men that I work with suffocate when I crank the heat and I'm still cold. When I got home today, I turned the heat up in the house but it never got any warmer.   Instead, it was blowing cold air and the temperature dropped from 62 to 59.  That's when I decided to turn it off entirely and call Leroy.  (My knight in shining armor.)  In the meantime, I'm wrapped in 4 layers of clothes, have my Uggs on and a fleece hat.  I've been upstairs in our bedroom (where there is a wall heater) with a blanket covering me, reading.  Oh well... it's a good excuse to read.