Great Grow Out - Day 303

Many people have asked for a hair update and I apologize that it has taken this long to get it posted.  This photograph is from day 303 of The Great Grow Out and as you can see, it is in a very different style since the last time I posted a photo.  About 3 weeks ago, my hair decided that it didn't like the Velcro rollers that I was using.  It's long enough now that any curl from the rollers falls out immediately.  Of course the weather is a factor too, but I prefer to blame it on the length.  (It makes me feel better.)  So now, I'm just drying it with a brush and using a hot brush on the ends.  I still have to tuck it behind my ears because it's so much shorter in the front.  If I don't, it looks like I have a brown football helmet on my head.  I'll be really glad when I can wear it in a slight wedge but that's a month or two away.  I am getting used to the bangs, (bangs came around mid-November) but I can't say that I like my hair yet.  I am committed to letting it grow through mid-summer.  I want to be able to pull it back into a pony tail before I decide on a style or length. I'm still amazed at the attention my hair receives.  It cracks me up.  Thank you to everyone for the moral support during this process... It has been trying but, but entertaining at the same time.