Rally Boys

One of the greatest joys in my life is feeding people. I've written about this many times before but I just can't get over how much pleasure it brings me... The only thing that is better than feeding people is feeding teenage boys.  They are my favorite.  This morning I got a call from Steel.  He had spent the night at a buddy's house and he was calling to see if I would make breakfast for him and his friends.  My immediate response was "of course."  (He knew I wouldn't refuse him.)  I went downstairs to see what we hand on hand and started the process.

The boys are working on a video to show at the Homecoming rally on Friday.  They had a partial idea of what they wanted to do and it was so much fun to listen to them talk about it and banter back and forth.  Opportunities like these will be gone in just a few short months as they graduate and move off to different colleges.  I try to remember this fact every time they're around and really live in the moment.  I'm going to miss this.