To Do Pile

Life has been a bit overwhelming for the last 9-12 months.  One of my "coping" techniques has been avoidance and this has been especially true with bills, paperwork and simple projects.  It's a viscous circle.  You get stressed out and procrastinate and then things build up to where they seem impossible to manage so you avoid it all together.  Not a good strategy... but there are short term benefits.  (Sticking your head in the sand.)  That's where I'm at.  This photo shows you my personal "in box" (or rather, in boxes.)  That's a lot of catch up... but I'm holding myself accountable and stating here that I'm going to tackle these things this week and get them done.  Just sorting through will be a task, but it's the first step.  I have to remind myself that this pile didn't grow overnight and probably won't go away overnight either, but I have to get started.  Check back with me later to see how far I got.