Charlie's Accident

I've been writing a lot about my preparations to volunteer with a hospice organization with Charlie.  I've completed all of the necessary steps for myself, the only thing left to do was Charlie's physical exam and fecal test.  I took both dogs into the vet today for a nail trim and exam.  Dr. Baker will complete all of the necessary forms for me and then we'll be good to go.  On the way home, I stopped in at the Hospice office for the Volunteer Coordinator to meet Charlie.  She had invited a visit several times before and this was a perfect opportunity since we were going right by the office. I left Daisy in the car and took Charlie in. He sniffed around and greeted everyone and was excited for the new experience.  We went into the Coordinator's office and shut the door.  She had water in there for Charlie.  I let him off the leash to sniff around and check things out while we visited. Not long after we were in there, Charlie did the unthinkable.  He urinated right there in the office on her carpet.  I was dumbfounded!  I screamed when I realized what he was doing.  How embarrassing!  The Coordinator immediately jumped up to begin cleaning up and trying to calm me down by saying that it was OK and that accidents happen.  I was in shock.  I began apologizing as I drug him out the door to finish what he had started.  This was not acceptable behavior.  The first requirement for a visiting therapy dog is that they are at least HOUSEBROKEN!  How could he do this?  I was so upset.  When I took Charlie outside and told him to go potty, he finished in an appropriate place.  By the time I got back inside, the Coordinator had his mess cleaned up.  I offered my apologies again and she reassured me that accidents will happen and that I'll be prepared in case it happens on a visit.  She was very nice and tried to console me, but I really felt like he flunked his first job interview.