Rally Boys II

One of the best parts of Steel's senior year has been his roll as a Rally Commissioner.  He has had so much fun and we've witnessed some hilarious moments as they've planned and executed the videos, dances and games.  Last weekend, they filmed the video (mostly at our house.) Today was the final production.  The boys were all decked out in tuxedos and after the video was played, they were introduced and performed a dance.  It was great.

For one of the games they called several darling girls out of the assembly for a kissing contest.  The rally boys volunteered to be blindfolded and kissed by a random girl (on the cheek) and they had to guess which girl kissed them.  After the boys were blindfolded, their mothers came out of the audience to stand behind their own son and offer the kiss.  The second picture is Steel's reaction to who kissed him.  Another great memory.