Birthday Cards

In the past, I've been pretty successful at remembering the birthdays of most of my family.  I have a pretty big family when you consider nieces, nephews and now grand-nieces and grand-nephews.  I like to send cards with a $2 Baskin-Robbins certificate... but during my "procrastination stage" (See post from 1-26-10) this has been one of the projects I've neglected.  It's also one of the things that has become a bit overwhelming so I asked for help today.  I still had my list, my cards and my certificates... it was just a matter of sitting down to write them out, address them and cross them off the list but I needed the moral support.  I asked Sierra to help me.  I filled out the cards and she addressed them.  I was behind 4 whole months so I wrote Happy "Belated" Birthday a bunch of times, but at least I'm caught up.  There are a couple of houses that are going to receive multiple cards on the same day, but at least I didn't skip them all together.  Now the challenge will be to stay up with the process and not let it get so far behind.