Lens Repair

Last week I got a "snarky" anonymous email on my website.  The writer complained about my absence from the CCHS basketball games and that there are no photos from this season.  They referenced the fact that I don't miss a football game and even hit most of the home wrestling matches, but complained that I haven't taken a single picture of basketball.  I tried to respond back but the email address is invalid (of course) so I'm going to use this forum to respond. Today's photograph is the reason for my absence.  I noticed around Christmas time that my lens was not operating properly.  I sent it off to Nikon for repair and only got it back today. Yes, I do have other lenses, but this is the one I need for basketball.  Sometimes the referees will not allow me to shoot with a flash and this lens is designed for low light photography.  This lens is different from the lens I use for football and wrestling where most of the action stays in the same general location.  I need this lens when I'm up underneath the basket in the gym.

Another point I'd like to make is the fact that I do not receive any kind of financial compensation for the photographs that I shoot.  This is strictly a hobby for me.  I've kept it that way on purpose... so that it says fun.  The honest truth is that it is a lot more fun down on the mat, at the courts edge or on the sideline.  For me the reward is being so close to the action and to the teams.  That's the best part for me.  Holding a camera is really just an excuse to be down there.  I post the pictures for others to access and enjoy...

In conclusion, I'd also like to state that I do enjoy basketball and that I'm not ignoring the teams.  Those are still my boys on that court and I'm still a fan.