CCHS Basketball

In my 2/3/10 post I lamented the fact that someone had complained about my absence from basketball at the high school.  I hope I made up for it tonight.  I shot all three games as the boys faced off against Patterson.  I left a flash in another camera bag and the one I had with me didn't work so the first two games were shot without one, but in hindsight, I think I like those pictures better.  Steel brought my flash with him later in the evening so I had it for the varsity game but I was very pleased with the pictures from the earlier games.  Basketball is very difficult to shoot.  The action goes from one player so quickly.  It's hard to keep track of the ball.

Whenever I've shot basketball I always get the best pictures of this guy.  Dan Hulst is a senior this year and goes full throttle during the game.  The greatest part of shooting basketball is the facial expressions and Dan is the best of them all.  I don't really notice it while I'm at the game because it goes so fast, but when I get home and load the pictures, the intensity of the game is very evident.