New Faucet

I got the brilliant idea a few days ago to complain about my kitchen faucet on Facebook.  I've been asking for a replacement faucet for a few months.  We have very hard water here and it damages the faucets.  They become so corroded that the water flow is really reduced and that is what has happened here.  It takes forever to fill a pot and makes cleaning dishes and the sink a real chore.  Leroy joked that you could make a sandwich in the time it took to fill the water pitcher.  My hope was that a little peer-cyber-pressure would push Leroy into finally taking the time to replace it.  Much to my surprise... today was the day.  Leroy came home from work with a new Moen faucet and had it installed (properly) in a matter of minutes.  I am a lucky girl.  This is quite possibly the best Valentine's Day present I've ever received.  I can't stop playing with it.