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Some updates on the Blessing Blog... First of all, I've added several pictures to the blog.  It occured to me last week that I had photos that coincided with several of the posts, so I've added a few just to keep it interesting. 

I will be printing my blog around March 1st.  This will include all of the comments on the posts as well. If you feel like leaving a comment (or two) please do so before March 1st.  (I will print the Blessing Blog only at this time.)

After the blog has been printed, I will be moving it to this address.  It will incorporate into this blog which won't be too big of a deal because I rarely posted to this address in 2009.  The address will change, but the content will not.

(Have I confused you enough already?)  Click here to go to my 2009 Blessing Blog.

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