Day of Reflection

It's crunch time at RCIA. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)  The candidates and catechumens who will be received at the Easter Vigil have entered into the phase of "Purification and Enlightenment" as part of their preparation.  This is the home stretch.  This is when the last runner of the four-man relay kicks up the speed and makes a strong finish.  The diocese always holds a Day of Reflection for all those preparing for Easter sacraments on the first Saturday after Ash Wednesday.  Since Bishop Stephen Blaire took the office, he has made the annual presentation on the Our Father with the help of the Chancellor, Sister Barbara Thiella.

I have missed the last three years of this retreat due to wrestling tournaments.  (High school wresting is in the post-season phase.)  But, this year, I was able to attend and was reminded how much I enjoy these opportunities.  I posted my status on Facebook as "Hanging out with a bunch of wanna-be Catholics" and it's really true.  I hang out with these people every Monday night, but I really enjoy the retreats and the preparation time.  It is a good reminder of my own journey through this program and helps to build the anticipation for the Easter Vigil.