Words with Friends

I don't know when it happened, but I'm going to admit here and now that my kids are smarter than I am.  When I say smart, I mean in knowledge and intellectually.  They have surpassed me as far as educational level (or are well on their way) but I still have them beat with common sense and experience that only comes with age.  For the last several weeks, Steel has been talking about a Scrabble game that he plays on his phone called "Words with Friends."  It's basically online Scrabble that you play against a live opponent, known or unknown.  After discussing the game with a friend yesterday, I decided to download it and give it a try.  I have three games going right now and the good news is that I'm currently beating Leroy and Sierra, but Steel is blowing me away.  I'll never be able to catch up.  Steel has always liked spelling and vocabulary and now his mad skills are paying off.  I'm lucky if I can form a word with the letters in front of me.  Steel plans strategy and analyzes his scoring options to get the most for his turn.  We're all addicted.  I'm hoping that the old saying is true... "The family that plays together, stays together."