Health Class

I'm currently enrolled in an MJC online class.  The title of the class is Healthful Living and it's really just a basic health class.  It has been interesting.  Part of our assignment is to participate in online discussions about a particular topic and those are always fascinating.  The first few weeks were about psychological issues and stress and the last couple of weeks have been about sexuality and birth control.  This is where I've run into a problem.  One of the questions on my test was... "An unmarried couple chooses an abortion after an unplanned pregnancy.  According to the text, how is the couple's relationship likely to change."  A) The relationship will end.  B) They will likely break up after a few months.  C) They will get married.  D)  Their relationship will be stronger.  The official correct answer (I'm sure by now you can guess) was "D."  (Yeah, right.)   I was really wishing there was a write in answer but I would have needed a whole sheet of paper to give my answer as to what I thought would happen to the couple. 

I am almost 42 years old and some of the things that are presented in my book are not a true reflection of real life.  I cannot separate my moral stance on such issues.  I know what answer the teacher is looking for and yet I cannot bring myself to present that answer because I don't agree with it.  When a question comes up on a homework assignment or a test, I can find the answer easily in the book, but it's not how I feel and so I cannot, in good concscious, give that answer.  In the homework assignment from last week, I stated very clearly what I felt was the answer the teacher was looking for but then went on to explain why I disagreed with it.  I admitted I knew I was risking losing the points for that questions, but it was worth it. The tests are different.  I just have to lose the points... and I'm totally willing to do that because I can't represent my authentic self any other way.

We'll see how he grades me on the homework assignment.  I'll keep you informed.