Sierra's Gift

I was sharing this blog with a friend the other day and he pointed out (quite correctly) that I didn't have nearly enough pictures of my beautiful daughter on here.  It is not that I prefer Steel over Sierra, it's just that he's around a bit more.  He is my favorite son, but she has always been my favorite daughter.  Having Sierra away at school makes her out of sight, but certainly not out of mind.  We talk (or text) everyday and she is a breath of fresh air when she comes home to visit.

Yesterday, she surprised me by coming for the weekend and bringing my birthday gift.  (A fantastic cake stand.)  One of Sierra's greatest talents is "gift giving."  She is the most thoughtful person when it comes to buying gifts for others.  Unlike her mother, she always picks out the perfect, meaningful gift for the people she loves.  She pays attention to what each person likes and dislikes and always finds something that is special to the individual.  It is an extension of her kind heart and the love and affection that she has for her family.  Sierra always blesses us with her presence and her presents.