March Green

I drove to Sacramento yesterday to spend the evening with Leroy.  He is up there for meetings so I met him at the hotel for dinner and the night.  On my drive back home this afternoon, I came down I-5 and was struck by the sheer beauty all around me.  There were several times I stopped to take a picture or two.  Everything was so green.  This shot is of the hills just outside of Patterson and it doesn't do justice to the real scene.  I was shooting West into the sun and so the detail and the color is a bit off, but still pretty. California really is the best state in the union and as I continue to mature, I'm beginning to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the Central Valley as well.  The landscape is continually changing and the agricultural lands are magnificent.  I'm going to appreciate the lush green around me while I can because in a few months, it will be timber dry and golden brown.