One of the semester assignments for my MJC class is a behavioral change project.  We are to change to a healthy habit and document our progress along the way.  I chose to work on my vitamin consumption.  Just like all women my age, it is advised that I take supplements.  Since I am a Gastric Bypass patient (2003) the vitamins are even more important.  I've been terrible at taking them.  Usually, I just forget but sometimes when I do take them, they make me nauseous so I avoid them all together.  I decided to focus on this health habit for my MJC project and it really has made a difference.  I discovered (through the use of a journal) that drinking lots and lots of water with the vitamins will help with the nausea.  I have them organized and with me all the time so I have no more excuses.  Don't ask me what all of them are because I couldn't tell you.  One set is a multi-vitamin pack for women my age and the other set is for hair, skin and nails because vanity is a powerful driving force.