It was a long night (see post from 3/13/10) and an even longer early morning.  We got to bed way too late only to be woken up by the milker trying to tell us that the milk pump had gone out. Leroy had to go out and call for repair only to turn around and go back out to start the morning chores.  We lost an hour at 2:00 am (Daylight Savings Time) and I had to get up and be at 8:00 mass to read.  Ugh.  I'm too old for this. Even though this time change is hard on the body... I do enjoy resetting my clocks.  I love clocks and I used to be pretty insistent that they all be exactly the same time, but I've eased up in my old age.  I changed all of the batteries and reset them one by one.  I didn't realize how many we had till today.