Track Meet

Today was our first track meet and the weather couldn't be more perfect.  The sun has really been glorious the last few days and I was really looking forward to being outside. We went early just to realize that they usually don't start on time and that it was going to be a much longer afternoon than we had anticipated. Steel's first event was a relay.  He was the first leg and it was the first time he had ever started out of a block.  (I think that's the right word, I have so much to learn.)  I also learned that shooting track is very difficult because the object of your frame is moving so quickly, it's difficult to stay in focus.  I also didn't know which angle would be the best... so I just kept changing and shooting... trying to stay out of the way.

Steel's second event ended right in front of the stands where we were watching.  I went to the end of the bleachers to take some pictures and overheard five girls from another team discussing Steel.  He was walking around right in front of us and these girls spotting him right away.  One of them said, "I could watch him all day."  Yet another said, "Even his muscles have muscles."  I tried to stay quiet and inconspicuous so that they would keep talking, but the conversation ended when Steel walked away.  He is in such good shape and so ripped right now that you couldn't help but notice his physique.

I was behind him on the drive home and when I turned to go towards the house, he kept going straight and came in the long way.  When I asked him why he said that the girls on the Hughson school bus (which was on it's way back from the meet) were trying to give him their phone numbers.