Steel has a big project due this week for his English class.  He's cleaned out his backpack and his it spread all over the dining room table.  This is typically where he does his homework.  More space than in his bedroom and since I'm not a TV watcher, the house is pretty quiet.  Steel has been privledged to have the same fantastic English teacher at Central Catholic for the last two years.  Mrs. Dillon has taught Senior English for a long time, but last year she taught one section of Junior English and Steel was fortunate enough to get her on his schedule.  (Sierra was just commenting how envious she was of this fact.)  Mrs. Dillon truly has a passion for her students and her subject matter.  She is an outstanding influence for our children and parents have often discussed how much we wish she could teach them earlier so that her guidance would take effect sooner.  I am so thankful to have a teacher of this quality of character teaching my children.  She is a blessing.