On our way to Hilmar this evening, I scared the heck out of Leroy as we were driving when I shouted, "STOP THE CAR!"  He pulled over immediately and was quite upset when he realized why I wanted to stop so suddenly.  I informed him that I wanted to take a quick picture of this bull out in the pasture for the Photo of the Day.  He turned around and obliged me while grumbling the entire time.  Now... we get to see guys like this all the time, but it occurred to me that some of my readers my not get to appreciate a fine animal like this one on a regular basis.  He was just grazing out in the pasture with several cows and he was just as interested in me as I was in him.  It really is a remarkable experience to live in such a prime agricultural area.  There are all kinds of farms around us (mostly dairy cattle) and as you drive around the county, the landscape changes and so does the crop and/or herd.  The quality and types of soil range dramatically around us.

I wonder if he knows how cool he is...?