Shoes With Laces

I had a conversation with my sister-in-law about a month ago about housework.  I was complaining (surprise, surprise) how I just wasn't able to keep up with the cleaning now that I was working and on the so much.  She told me about a website that helps to organize your routine and sends daily emails with a 15 minute task for that day.  I checked it out and now I'm hooked.  The site is called  At first glance, the site is overwhelming with so much information and resources, but once you read a bit and find out what the Fly Lady's philosophy is, you learn to take "baby steps" and tackle one problem at a time.  Her advice seems so simple and yet it has really been effective.  Routines are a big deal and setting yourself up for success is important.

The focus habit for the month is to "dress to the shoes."  When I first read this I didn't really understand what that meant.  It simply means to get dressed (head to toe) at the beginning of each day and to be sure to include lace up shoes.  (Lace up because they are more difficult to kick off in a weak moment.)  I usually only get dressed when I absolutely have to.  On weekends, I could easily stay in my pajamas and bath robe way past noon and I NEVER wore shoes in the house.  Now that I've practiced this habit, I get SO much more accomplished.  It is amazing what a pair of shoes can do to change your attitude.