Red Lobster

It struck me as very odd that we haven't eaten at this restaurant for a very long time... So long in fact that I can't remember the last time.  The strange part is that at one point this was my very FAVORITE place to eat.  I don't know why that has changed.  Or has it?  Maybe I've just forgotten about it...?  Weird.  One of the reasons I know we've avoided it is because of the usual long wait to get a table. But, that's not the case during lunch time so that's not really a valid excuse.  I think there is a deeper lesson for me to learn.  Things change.  What was once important (although, my choice of restaurant seems pretty trivial in the grand scheme of life) to me simply is not anymore... and not for any particular reason other than I've changed.  Not wrong, just different.  I've written quite a bit about change over the last few months, and here is another example of change that I didn't even realize was taking place. So perhaps I should evaluate other areas of my life where I have things, ideas, thoughts, perceptions, concepts, goals, feelings, memories, people, places.... etc.... that I didn't think I could live without.   Have I been living without them?  Am I better off?  What has replaced them (if anything) and should I be looking for something else?  I've always felt that for something new to come into your life, something had to be given up.  Most of the time we're afraid of NEW, even if it's good... so we hold on so tightly to the familiar that we miss opportunities to broaden our horizons.

I guess this wasn't just a simple lunch date after all.