Chocolate Chip Cookies

The last time I left Tammy's salon (8 weeks ago) I noticed a new store across the street.  It was a Nestle Cookie Store.  I almost threw the car in reverse, parked and ran the short distance to the inviting cafe.  After bringing myself back under control, I decided to check it out on my next visit all the while imagining the wonderful smell of cookies as I drove away. Today was the day.  I could hardly wait for Tammy to finish my hair so I could go across the street and check it out.  As I had imagined, the scrumptious smell hits you hard as soon as you enter and then you set eyes on the beautiful display case of freshly baked cookies and creamy ice cream.  I could hardy contain myself.  For the purpose of this blog, I should have taken some pictures inside the store, but to be honest I was just overwhelmed by the selections before me.

I couldn't decide between the traditional chocolate chip cookie (which I have long held as the most perfect food) or the tempting triple chocolate... so I got both.  I figured if I bought the little ones I could buy twice as many.  That's logical right?  As I was paying for the purchase she asked me if I would like the cookies warmed up in the oven.  Just like Pavlov's dog, I salivated instantly but politely declined the offer.  I knew if they were warmed up I would have eaten the entire bag before I made it to the freeway.