We flew to Portland, Oregon with Steel today for a college recruiting visit to Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR.  We were able to board the plane early because of Steel's crutches and cast.  While on the flight, the attended started a conversation with Steel.  He asked about the injury, the reason for travel and about the school.  He (flight attendant) played college football so he was excited for Steel.  At the end of the flight, he got on the PA and announced Steel's intention to visit Pacific and asked for a round of applause.

We drove around Portland in search of Bunk Sandwiches.  This is a restaurant that Steel had seen featured on the Food Network.  We found it, only to read the sign that they were closed until Sunday.  Bummer.

We stayed in Hillsboro which is about 15 minutes away from campus.  It is beautiful here and the weather is perfect.  We met all of the coaches and got a tour of the football facilities including the field, locker room, indoor practice field and the physical therapy rooms.  The campus, facilities and town are very impressive.  There were presentations by the coaches, dinner and social time for both the athletes and parents.  A great day overall.