Leroy and I fell in love with Pacific University right away, but Steel seemed very unimpressed and indecisive all weekend long.  I know he was really torn.  After 10:00 mass, we were on our way to pick up Charlie and I heard Steel make a phone call.  He said, "Hello, Coach?  This is Steel Rocha.  I'm sorry to bother you on a Sunday, but I wanted to call and commit to Pacific."  We were in shock.  Leroy and I just stared at each other.  Steel didn't warn us, or tell us ahead of time, he just called and said yes.  We are thrilled. (I was just about to tell him that I better not read about his decision on Facebook.) We celebrated with dinner at Outback with John and Doralice (Leroy's parents), Anne, John, Austin and Brandon (Leroy's sister and her family), and Coach Canepa and Allie. This picture is with Steel's high school football coach Roger Canepa.