It's been a long time since I've read a real book.  I read all the time, but lately, all of the books have been on my e-reader, the Amazon Kindle.  I've written before how much I love this gadget.  One of the best parts is that I can pre-order a book (before it's release) and it will be automatically downloaded when it becomes available. I was anticipating one such down load for yesterday.  The 8th book in one of my favorite series was scheduled to be released yesterday, so I placed my pre-order over 6 weeks ago and marked the event on my calendar.  I was VERY upset on Saturday morning to receive and email that said that it was not going to be immediately available for the Kindle.  (I don't know why.)  They offered me the hardcover edition at the Kindle price and so, of course, I purchased it.  They did send it out right away, but I did have to wait 24 extra hours.  It arrived today and I'm already on chapter 8.  I have to admit that I miss the Kindle edition and will probably purchase that too, when it comes out just so I can always have it with me.