Today I went to the prom for the last time.  I've been inviting myself along for pictures for the last 5 years... and it's always a treat to see these kids all dressed up and excited about the night's festivities.  As parents, we've made a lot of friends and had a good time ourselves as we've gathered to see the kids off.  Tonight we were at the home of the Wesenberg Family.  (This is one of my favorite homes, ever.  Dad's an architect... it's magnificent.)  I have done prom pictures there before so I knew how perfect the lighting and the golf course backdrop would be for these shots.  We were blessed to be welcomed back.

I am always so appreciative when the kids let me in and allow me to be a part of their activities.  I never take it for granted.  We all laughed so much during this session, parents and kids alike... it will be a precious memory.  Today was a gift.