Senior Mass

Today we attend the last school mass for the 2009-2010 year.  It is called the "Senior Mass" since the seniors are honored and thanked for their leadership, ministry and service.  In particular, the Senior Ministry Team is recognized and thanked for their work throughout the school year and the new team (2010-2011) is announced from the Junior class.  (92 applicants for only 40 positions.) This picture is of the school Chaplain, Fr. Michael Brady and Campus Youth Minister, Tom Peterson.

I was moved by how beautiful the music was at mass today.  We've had children enrolled at Central Catholic for the last seven years and since that time we've seen the music program go from being nearly non-existent to a full group of extraordinarily, talented individuals whose numbers were overflowing from the music area at St. Stanislaus Church.  They sounded heavenly, and as they sang they kept the focus of the mass.  Bravo Mr. Bonilla... To you I give the credit.  What a gift you are to the school and everyone else who gets to enjoy your talent not only with an instrument, but with our children as well.