As I prepare to send Steel off into the real world (or college, at least) it occurred to me that the one thing that he has no knowledge of is laundry.  Sierra was doing laundry for me in the 4th grade, but I've never taken the time to show Steel, until today.  I told him that the most important thing about laundry was the sorting of the clothes ahead of time.  As the words were leaving my mouth, I realized that he would never believe me until he screws up and washes bright red towels with his favorite white shirt.  Then he'll remember and heed my advice.  Some things you just have to learn through experience.  No bother.  He'll be washing his own stuff, so I'm not really that concerned about it.  He seemed to catch on pretty quickly... either that or he was just going through the motions so he could move on to something else.  We'll see how long it takes him to call me with a laundry related question.