Sir Elton John

I've written about my sister-in-law Anne before.  I never really wanted a sister, but then again, I never knew the blessings that could come from such a relationship.  Anne is the most generous-hearted person I know.  Actually, to a fault.  I'm constantly nagging her about it.  She cares too much... about everyone... always giving. As a friend and someone who loves her, I can see how she gets hurt.  But when that generosity is directed at me... I am humbled and appreciative. Anne knew how much I wanted to see Elton John, live in concert.  We talked about it when we went to Paul McCartney a few weeks ago.  Anne knew he was playing in Tahoe and invited us to come along, but with our schedule and finances being what they are, it wasn't going to work out.  She called me couple of weeks ago and asked if I would go in John's spot in case he had to irrigate.  Hesitantly, I agreed, trying not to get my hopes up... but then she later informed me that John wasn't going for sure, and I was in.

Two bucket list items in the same month.  This was too good to be true.

We drove up on this morning and checked into the hotel after stopping for lunch at a soup/sandwich shop I spotted on the way up.  Anne immediately (and I mean IMMEDIATELY) dumped me off in the hotel room and headed to the casino...  lol... (For those of you who don't know, Anne loves to gamble.)  I was perfectly content in the room watching TV and relaxing... even got in a little nap.

We met my friend Tammy and her friend Wendy (who were in Tahoe for a girls' weekend and also headed to the concert) for dinner at Harvey's.  From there we walked down to the parking lot to the amphitheater.

The night was perfect and the venue was packed.  We got to dinner late and Sir Elton was just taking the stage as we got to our seats, but we didn't miss a thing!  He was absolutely EXTRAORDINARY!  What a performance.  I knew (and sang along) with every song.  The best part was actually listening to him play the piano.  You get only a glimpse of his talent by listening to his songs off of a CD.  His piano skills are indescribable.  He was magnificent.  He did so many piano solos throughout the concert it was hard to pick a favorite, but I have to say his solo during Rocketman (which lasted about 10 minutes) was exceptional.  It was almost hard to imagine that the magnificent sound was coming from a simple piano at the hands of one man.

It was a great night... thanks to a special lady who has a knack for making wishes come true.