Mockingbird - Part 2

Exactly one month ago (6/26/10) I wrote a post about our resident Mockingbird and the fact that he was not winning any friends by his constant singing in the middle of the night.  Apparently, last night was the last straw.  I spent the night in Tahoe with Anne (Elton John concert) and was not home.  Leroy said the bird was singing so loudly it even kept him awake (which is almost impossible.)  Steel decided that it was time that he took care of the pest.  While I was at breakfast this morning, I received this picture with the caption, "Mock that, bitch."  Such anger... but I have to be honest, I couldn't help but crack up.  The Mockingbird was no more.  Oh well, it was entertaining for a while, but it will be nice to sleep through the night again with the windows wide open.