Blessing Gift

Many of you know that last year I kept a "Blessing Blog" where I wrote about a blessing a day for an entire year.  I look back on that experience and realize that I was being prepared for the trials that we would be facing.  I know in my heart that the Holy Spirit moved me to commit to that project for my own good.  By forcing myself to focus on the blessings on my life, I was (and still am) able to see the positive and not focus on the negative... at least most of the time.

I've also been keenly aware of the love, support and prayers that have surrounded us during this transitional period.  We have felt them.

Today, when I got home from work, there was a surprise package waiting for me on the kitchen table.  My dear sister-in-law Sue sent me this gift along with a note of love and concern.  Her timing was perfect.  She is one of those individuals who I know I could call at a moments notice to ask for help.  Sue has always been special to me.  She was my babysitter before she married into the family.  She took care of me now and 30+ years later, she is still there when I need her.