Empty Mangers

The rest of the cows left today.  Well... all but four.  One was sick and the other three were calving.  This place looks and feels like an abandoned ghost town.  So sad. One of the striking differences already is the empty mangers. These mangers have always been full of fresh feed and there inevitably would be a cow or two (at least) sticking her head through to eat.  No more.  My father in law has already cleaned them out.  No doubt looking for something to do.  The silence is odd too.  It's not the mooing that I miss.  Most of the time they were very quiet... In fact, if they were mooing it was because they were disturbed for some reason and there was usually something wrong.  The sound that I'm missing is the clinking of the stanchions as the cows would go in and out.  This will take some getting used to.