I'm a big reader... and a couple of years ago, Leroy gave me Kindle (electronic book reader) which I absolutely LOVE.  However... I still love bookstores and this one is the best.  Put me in a Barnes & Noble for a couple of hours and I'm like a kid in a candy story.  The first thing that hits me is the smell.... and I don't mean the smell of coffee from the Starbuck's inside.  I love the smell of books... the ink and the paper.  Then... (because I am so anal-retentive) I love they way they are organized, lined up and stacked... Each with their new covers facing forward.  When you pick up a book and open it, you'll hear the crack of the spine and you know instantly that you are the first to see the contents inside of that particular edition.  I love to visit different stores in different cities.  It is always curious to me which books they choose to display on the very front tables near the doors.  Each store always has a different set of selections... depending on the clientele from that area.  Love, love, love Barnes & Noble.  I could get lost for hours.