Midnight Practice

As a family, we love football... especially high school football.  (And now, I'm sure our love of college football will only grow and grow.)  Leroy has coached with the high school for four years - 3 of them as the head JV Coach.  It's a family affair.  Steel played, Sierra cheered, Leroy coaches and I take photographs.  We've all got a part to play.  I have a sign in my house that says, "We interrupt this family for football season" and it's not too far from the truth, except that it's not an interruption, just the best family activity we've every participated in. For the last three years, CCHS has held Midnight Practice.  The theory behind the event is that we will be the most prepared team on the field.  We'll be the first to practice and hopefully, one of the last at the end of the season.  We start the evening off with a parent/athlete meeting and potluck dinner.  After the parents leave, they boys participate in a scavenger hunt, lift weights, have a team meeting where they elect the captains for the season and at 12:01 am, they hit the field in full pads and start practice.

I know the experience will be different for us this year without Steel on the field, but we've grown so close to the families it will still be a great experience.  The coaching staff and their families truly become an extension of our own.  I call this the "most wonderful time of the year" and I'm excited to watch the team and to cheer on my Raiders.