Brace Faces

This is a picture of two of my favorite people.  (Daughter Sierra and Nephew Brandon) If they weren't cousins, I swear they'd be a couple. Sierra often refers to Brandon as her BFF and we were teasing her last night that he'll be her Man of Honor at her wedding.  They share a lot of the same interests. Brandon is just about the coolest 13 year old I've ever known... and when he's with Sierra, you don't notice the 8 year age difference... especially after today.Another common thing that Sierra and Brandon share is BRACES.  Sierra had braces put on her bottom teeth this morning to fix some movement she's had over the last few years.  She'll only have to wear them until November, then they'll replace it with a permanent retainer.  Brandon has only had his braces on for about 6 weeks so they were commiserating tonight at dinner.  Sierra was complaining that her mouth hurt and Brandon assured her that it would only last a few days.