Oregon is beautiful.  Even in the middle of August when things are a bit dry... it's just a pretty state and the further north you go, the prettier it gets.  Pacific University is 678 miles from our house and it took us about 12 hours each way... (That's including potty and food stops.)

On our way home we stopped in the town of Brownsville to have breakfast with Leroy's cousin Danny and his family.  Brownsville is a quaint little town full of "old town" charm and community minded people.  The streets were immaculate and beautiful, blooming flowers decorated the front of every building on the main street.  It's a Sunday, so there wasn't much open.  The only life on the street was the restaurant where we met for breakfast.  (Which by the way was delicious.)

One of the quirky things about Oregon (at least for us Californians) is the fact that it is illegal to pump your own gas.  I'm old enough to remember when the gas stations in California had Full Service sections and you paid more for the gas... but those went away many years ago and I don't know of ANY full service stations anymore.  I had to jump out and take a quick picture of this guy cleaning the window on the truck.  We used to take this service for granted... and I think some stations still have the window washing stuff available, but I never do it myself.