Monday Mourning

I had a funny conversation with Leroy this morning.  After going out to milk the one cow we have left, he came in and started getting ready for work.  I was whining about it being a Monday morning and he asked me why it made a difference that it was a Monday morning.  I turned and looked at him and realized he was serious.  For a guy that has worked at a seven-day a week job his whole life, he really didn't understand why Mondays are tough days.  I tried to explain to him that after having 2 days off... it's difficult to switch gears and get back into the routine.  Mondays are bad, Tuesdays are only better because it's not a Monday.  Wednesday is "Hump Day" and good news because you're half way to the weekend... Thursdays are close enough to get excited... and Fridays are the best!  I also explained to him that this list applies to a traditional Monday - Friday work week.  For others who work different schedules, your Friday might be on a Tuesday... but you still go through the same process.  I don't think he really understands yet... and probably won't until he has a few weekends off... but eventually, he'll learn to hate Mondays just like the rest of the world.