Snow Globes

I have collected (well, I was for a while) Disney themed snow globes. I would pick one up on each of our trips to Disneyland.  I tried to get the ones that I really liked, or had special meaning to me.  I've always loved snow globes just because they are so simple, and yet seem so magical.

My sister-in-law Anne, has also collected them along the way and she is in the process of moving.  She did not have her globes displayed in the current house she lives in and as she started to pack to move she decided that it would be better just to get rid of them all together and asked if I would like them.  Being in my current mood of "de-cluttering" my immediate reaction was no, but I hated to see all of her beautiful globes go, so I agreed.  Sierra brought them all home this weekend and left them on the dining room table for me.  Today, I unwrapped them all.  It was like Christmas.  Each one made me smile.  I re-arranged the ones I had on the book shelf and put what I could fit next to mine.  The others are on top of the bookshelf until I can get rid of some books (another project) to make room to display them properly.  I had a couple of duplicates, but not many.  Her collection has blended very nicely with my own... and doubled  quantity.  I was with Anne on many of the trips when she purchased these globes, so they hold memories for me as well.  So now, we will share them... the memories and the globes.