Guest Room

I love/hate having a guest room.  I love the fact that I have a place where a guest can have his (or her) own bed even when everyone is home.  I love to entertain and having the guest room makes it easy to go the extra mile when we have friends over.  I hate the fact that the guest room is usually the "catch all" for stuff that doesn't really have a place to go.  Steel was the best for this.  If he got tired of looking at something in his room, he'd set it in the guest room just to get it out of the way.

Today, I spent cleaning out the guest room.  I reorganized the stuff that I store in there, washed the sheets and tossed a bunch of crap I want to get rid of.  There are a couple of tables that I'm going to give away too just to make a little more room.  Baby steps.  I know I won't get the house cleaned out in a week, but if I do a little each day... I'll be making progress.