Media Coordinator

Not having access to Steel's "football" life while he's away at school is going to be difficult.  Lots of people with the best of intentions have been hounding us about the adjustment.  I keep telling them that I'm good, but I have to admit the first time he takes the field for a game and I'm not there... it will be a different story.  I've only missed one of his football games.  (I drew the short straw and had to go to the family wedding and that just happened to be the fist game that he scored a touch down.  I haven't missed one since.)  Information about and regarding Steel is hard to come by these days... He's too busy to give us the play by play and so we sit here starved and waiting anxiously for news.

That is why I am so thankful for Pacific's Media Coordinators.  They have been posting video and photos of the boys at practice and I've been able to spot Steel in each installment.  What a treat!   Of course, in a perfect world, I would be the one taking the pictures, but at this point, I'll take whatever I can get.  The photos are fantastic and I know he's working hard.  (Looks like he's having some fun too!)

 The Pacific University football team practices during Fall Camp at Lincoln Park August 19th, 2010.