Flourless Cookies

I had a craving for Oatmeal/Chocolate chip cookies today.  After going through the cabinet and realizing that I had all of the necessary ingredients, I decided to whip up a batch.  I took a call from Sierra in the middle of the preparation and lamented to her how much I wished she was home to do this for me.  (She's the baker in the family...)  I mixed it all up, baked a batch and this is what I got.  I was extremely disappointed. I didn't understand why they went so flat.  They looked terrible.  I tossed them in the garbage and decided not to bake the remaining batter in the refrigerator.

When I went to throw away the recipe, I realized that I had omitted the flour.  That is a major ingredient in cookies and their flat appearance suddenly made sense to me.  I remembered that I still had some dough in the fridge, so I pulled it out, tossed in a handful of flour and baked up another batch that turned out perfectly.