Shower Prize

I HATE SHOWERS!  Everyone knows this.  It's not a surprise.  Still I found myself driving to one this morning... wondering what in the hell I was thinking.  It dawned on me that the only reason I was going was the fact that I love the groom.  He is one of my favorite people... and so I sucked it up.  (I did however call him on the way to tell him that he owed me... big.) Thank goodness I found a table to sit at that was full of friends who sympathized with me and conceded that showers are indeed, awful.  In my whining, I explained to them that I always felt like I was being held hostage and they agreed.  We laughed at the situation and ourselves and turned it in to a great time.  I actually had a really good time. (I'm still in shock.)  The food was good and the company was even better.  The best part of all is that there was only one game... AND I WON!  If you had a sticker under your plate, you got to take home the centerpiece and I was the lucky recipient.  See, now if all showers were like this, maybe I would go more often.