Jelly Belly

Last Thursday night, I received an email from one of the players on Leroy's team.  He was in a panic because he could not find the socks he was issued with his uniform.  He had a pair that were similar, but he knew that wasn't going to work with Coach (and he was right.) So, he was asking if Leroy had more that he could purchase.  I asked Leroy, he said he did not and suggested that they look at the local sporting goods store... but the game was the next day and the boys had to be at school by 1:00.  I replied with the bad news, but it bugged me all night long.  I knew the feeling of desperation that he was probably experiencing.

The next morning, I got up and looked through Steel's drawers.  Fortunately, Central Catholic has not changed their uniform sock style for several years. I was able to find 5 pairs of socks.  I pulled them out and put them next to Leroy's briefcase.  I emailed the young man back and told him that I was sending an extra pair with Coach for him to use for the game.  After that, I didn't think about it again.

Today, Leroy brought me a package.  The young man who had borrowed the socks had sent the gift home with Leroy.  There was a lovely card thanking me for sending the socks and as a bonus, there was this container of yummy Jelly Belly Jellybeans as well.  With a nod towards CC school spirit, the blue (blueberry) and yellow (pineapple) jellybeans were such a thoughtful gift.  It occurred to me that we never know how much of an impact our actions can have on someone else.  It was very little effort for me to send the socks and yet it meant enough to this player that he went above and beyond to thank me.  Actually, he was doing me a favor.  I've been preparing to go through that sock drawer anyway... now I've got a head start.

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