Curling Iron

Today is day 545 of the Great Grow Out!  545 days since I decided to change the style and add some length to my hair.  It has really grown... and originally, I had committed to at least a year... Now I'm thinking it would be cool to go to 1000 days which would be around the end of 2011. I had a hair cut today, and I did ask her to go a little shorter in the back, just to give it some style.  My hair is really falling out... bad.  It is scary to see how much is left on the floor in mornings, but Tammy has assured me that there is new growth coming in so I guess it's all a part of the process.

One of my biggest complaints about having hair is the fact that I have to style it.  For the past several months, I've been using Velcro rollers with hairspray.  I figured this was the least damaging.  The problem is that it takes WAY TOO LONG to get ready in the morning.  I does add tons of volume, but the time commitment is a bit too much.  So, I invested in this big guy.  It will give me some lift without spending all of the time with the rollers.  I'll keep you updated.