Migrant Farm Worker

My father in law's dog ran away shortly after the cows left the dairy.  The dog was originally a gift from a man who had sold the cows and felt sorry for the dog because the dog was so sad.  This dog lives to work with cattle.  My father in law has looked all over the place with no luck.  Someone said they saw him at a nearby dairy so my father law went over and found his dog.  The dog was so excited to see him, immediately jumped in the Gator to come home, only to turn around and head back to the neighbor's dairy.  It's really sad.  On one hand, my father in law loves having the dog around, but the dog really just wants to be around cows.  He wants to work.  Perhaps my father in law is going to have to start some kind of training regime to keep the dog around and happy... I'll keep you updated.