Martha Stewart

I have a love/hate relationship with Martha Stewart.  On one hand... I think she is brilliant.  Not only as a business woman, but also as a homemaker/gardener/cook/entertainer/crafter... etc, etc.  She is so talented in so many of the different areas that I think are really important in life.  Her standard is the average person's ideal.  And there in lies the problem.  I hate the fact that the standard she sets just doesn't seem achievable.  My "stinkin' thinkin'" will have me telling myself that it will never look like, taste like, or be like Martha's, so why bother?  Now, just to be clear, I'm not blaming Martha.  It is my own insecurities that irritate me.  I don't think she should lower her standards... I just wish I could (would) rise to them.  It's not impossible... only improbable at this point.  In the mean time, I will keep looking at the magazines and imagining the life I would like to live.