Football Mom of the Year!

It is of no surprise that the Hilmar High School Football team voted for my sister-in-law, Anne as a "Football Mom of the Year" during their homecoming festivities this week. Homecoming is a big deal in Hilmar. The whole damn town shuts down for the parade and game... Their floats rival those in the Rose Parade and everything is done top notch and first class. So when the team chose to honor particular individuals for their support throughout the season, choosing Anne was a no brainer. Anne shares this distinction with her friend Tracy Giuliano who is her partner in most of the her endeavors. Anne is wholeheartedly devoted to those boys. That is her team, and she works tirelessly to ensure that they have all they need to be successful. Anne (and John too) have worked with all levels of football in Hilmar from youth, to high school... and even for those who have gone on to play in the NCAA. She never limited her work to where her sons played.... As far as she is concerned, they are all her sons.

Congratulations Annie... I know what those boys mean to you. There are not enough parades, flowers or honorific titles to show the appreciation you deserve. Good thing that's not why you do it.